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Five Meeting Room Tips

A meeting room should leave a positive impression on the attendees. Outlined below are 5 simple tips that you might like to consider for your next meeting:

1. Select the Right Room

Ideally, the room should be in a place where distractions are kept to a minimum. For example, a space near a construction site is not ideal!

2. Table Configuration

Seating arrangements are often overlooked, there are plenty to choose from. Such as the U-style allows everyone to engage with the speaker, while a classroom style can accommodate more people.

3. Lighting

Natural light is great, however make sure the windows have blinds in case the glare becomes distracting Other ways to make lighting work include, use bulbs that don’t give off too much heat and have the wall colors complement the lighting.

4. Choose the Right Screen

If a screen is the focal point for meeting, choose carefully. It should be big enough for everyone in the room to see, but small enough not to be overwhelming.

5. Provide Amenities

To make the attendees as comfortable as possible offer refreshments such a coffee, water, biscuits and the like at regular intervals.

In summary always remember that your meeting room should be a comfortable space where people can meet without unnecessary distractions and interference.

If you are looking for a meeting room away from your office, The Branch Office is located in the Launceston CBD and has a number of meeting rooms to cater for your needs.

Included in the hire of our meeting rooms is access to high speed wireless NBN connection, video conferencing facilities, whiteboard and tea and coffee facilities.

Catering can also be arranged to suit your needs.

Please contact us on 6332 9300 to discuss how we can assist with your meeting room needs or alternatively you may like to use our Contact Us form -

Sam Pratt