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2018 - The Year in Review

As we speed toward the end of another year it is time to reflect back on 2018….

2018 was another big year for the Branch Office. Our meeting room usage was up by 40%, made up of an increase in use by our regular clients and many new clients using our meeting rooms.

We continue to produce the order of service books for a local funeral home and are minute takers for a not for profit board. We provide a service that was once a dime a dozen but is now harder to find. We are the place that many clients come to when they have no-one else to help them out – their business no longer has the secretarial support it once did, technology is not their strong point, they don’t have the skills or a home computer/printer, they have never had a resume and are now in need of one and have no idea where to begin, or their family sent them to us as they have run out of patience!! That it is what we are here for.

We had two new tenants move in and two tenants move out. We did renovations for one tenant and we are sure more works will be on the cards for next year – we love a good demolition!

We are the corporate face for our tenants and pride ourselves on the service we provide. We understand how important that first impression is; you only get one shot at it!

To stay in business you need to stay relevant. During the year we took a look at our core business and decided we would focus on the things we do well, and the things that the team enjoys. Enjoying what we do is one of the most important things to us. We think we will always stay relevant while we are enjoying providing the services that we do.

It was a sad day when we lost our wide format printer. It had been on life support for some time but a couple of weeks ago it succumbed to major mechanical issues. It had become temperamental in its old age, was slow, clunky, took up a lot of space and wouldn’t embrace the world of colour printing! We all felt very important when we managed to successfully print A0 plans like an architect - even though we couldn't understand them! There is now a large space where it used to live, and the boss did say if we have a big start to 2019 we could do a little refurb of our work area – challenge accepted boss!

From all of us and the Branch Office, we wish you and your family a wonderful festive season and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2019.

Sam Pratt